Babble Babble

Whenever his thinking seemed to be getting out of control, this one man would leap to his feet, blow a whistle and shout, “Icing – Off Sides – Balk!”  (He said he thought it gave his intellectual activities an additional macho aura.)



One guy’s sarcasm finally extended so far beyond any recognizable boundaries that no one any longer noticed it, and he was, in fact, taken to be quite understanding and compassionate.  (Over in another reality, he started a well known religion.)



As he watched the squirrels pretend they weren’t watching him, one rebel thought, “Metaphors that aren’t suicidal are no friends of mind.”  (One North American Red appeared to have tossed him a nut.)



His “New Years Theory” as he called it, was that, if you unfailingly refer to yourself in the third person, you’ll go away.



When they get nervous
some men begin to babble;
others get nervous.