Unbridled Exhuberance

In that great area of advice and kids and ole men, one elder had this to say to his underpinnings – I mean, underlings:  “Kids, when it comes to advice, note, if you know what’s going on, you don’t need advice.”  (And over on Sound Stage Seven, a voice said, “If that ain’t a wrap, then teamsters wear ties, even when they ain’t on trial.”)



In the unbridled exuberance reflective of his own understanding of life, this one chap would be often heard to say, “Hey! – It’s six of one and seven or five of the other – Hey!”



In a fit of what their subsequent generations came to refer to as “insightful spite,” this one distant race declared, “There is no joy save freedom from joy.”  (Has anyone checked today’s odds regarding the possibility of this game’s completion?)



(Another overheard conversational fragment):

First fragment says, “What’s the world’s most useless worry?”  And the second one questionably replies, “Worrying about not knowing what you’re doing?”  And the first one says, “Close enough, Bunky – close e-nough!”



No matter what you do over in the city, you can never be as famous alive as otherwise.