The trick question in one kingdom’s Neural Lottery was:  “Does it take less brains to be a warrior than it does courage to be a thinker?”


Man’s brain
is the mainspring
in the clock of time.



This one king used to pay wandering philosophers to come into court and sit around telling him witty proverbs and challenging ideas just so he could later have them shot.



Some things
are too precious
to talk about –
but no one knows
what they are.



Eschewing the word “advice,” one ole man told his kid he was gonna simply give him some Words To Live And Thrive By, which were:  “Son, a short-fall is just a long-fall turned inside out.”  (This information proved so profitable to the younger that he lived to be damn-near seven years old.)



Progress can occur
even when your back’s turned,
but men are then inclined
to call it something else.