From Ye Old Mailbag

The noon delivery brought a letter from a reader who says that the Daily News of the last several weeks have brought him to the conclusion that “Facts is some serious shit – if you take ‘em that way.”  (And he further notes he’s pretty well convinced that you’re supposed to “Take ‘em that way.”)



One man lived so close
to the cutting edge,
that they raised his
property taxes daily.



Neurologically (or perhaps, politically) speaking: Only the king can say, “The check is in the mail,” and keep a straight face.  (Oh, I don’t mean his own, ‘cause he can smile while saying it, but by force of his position, he can keep your face straight as you stand and gravely accept this baseless, royal canard.)



This one god admitted that he was “frankly surprised” at how long it took his talking creatures to figure out that part of their natural responsibility was to irritate each other.



Cheer up! 
If you’ve been born,
the worst is already
behind you.