Passin' Through

The heretofore unverbalized rallying cry for one growing reality was:

“To become civilized, men must impress others, and since this is not within our means, let us impress each other.”  (This, in case you weren’t listening, is a Jim Dandy, Fifth Symphony, unassisted triple-play of an explanation of civilization.)



The Seventh Runner-Up in one world’s annual Proverb Playoffs was, “There’s nothing to fear at a garlic festival for a man with his brother’s nose.”  (Trust me – you don’t wanna hear what the winner sounded like.)



A father flogging his notions of efficiency told all his kids, “If you wanna get famous fast, find a sore spot on yourself for others and don’t ever stop pickin’ at it.”



Any god that uses the words “once and for all” is from out of town or suicidal; either way, I’d give him a wide berth.



As he passed through life, this one man would periodically say, “Jeeze, I’m passin’ through life.”