At a semi-fancy dinner, the gentleman next to me noted soon after the soup, “If conduct is not directed from ‘somewhere out there,’ how would the civilized ever know how to act?”  (The bread’s cold.)



And still another sincere reader (who agrees to sign his name) writes to say it wasn’t all that long ago.



A man in the back of the room stood and asked, “But Professor, if it is possible to become so involved in facts that you neglect to act, and if it is possible to be so inclined to act that you tend to ignore facts, where does that leave the rest of us who can’t get season tickets, or find clothes that fit right off the rack?”



One guy’s impulses
gradually began to tire
as he waited for life
to write his ad libs.



A civilized people cannot be properly depressed without poetry.  (And please note, it does not matter whether anyone in the kingdom ever reads the stuff or not…it’s just gotta be there.)