Artistic Endeavors

Anyone who tries
to think anew
is already an artist.



Whilst observing the ofttimes frantic activity on his home planet, one guy would sometimes muse, “Standing still won’t get you killed.”  (Not all musings are transferable from world to world.)



Don’t let rituals
become habitual.



“You know anything about music?”


“Okay, I got this joke for you I made up: ‘Hey, I know this three fingered piano player who can play Tiger Rag.’”

“To someone who knows music, that might be interesting, if not funny, if you’d say ‘two fingered piano player’ instead of three — with three fingers Tiger Rag is feasible.”

“Yeah, but for guys like you that’s why I say ‘three’, and call it a joke.”



A man with a glass eye can always arrive late.