Here and There

And in this other peculiar place over there, whatever you say is understood. (And one voice said, “Let’s stay here.”)



In the 3-D sectors of this universe, the areas wherein science and magic are said to split are, in fact, where the available dimensions turn-the-corner.  (Addendum for those on foreign exchange scholarships:  For the words, “science” and “magic,” you may substitute, “knowledge” and “ignorance.”)



While you’re waiting, ponder the local logic of this one chap I met just over there, just the other eon.  He said that all of the truly great men of history were singled out, attacked and eventually destroyed by the Philistines, mental midgets, and intellectual dwarfs of their time, and since he was still unnoticed it just proved that men were becoming “dumber and blinder than ever.”



This one humanoidal-looking chap was heard to say that, “looking back over one’s Life,” helped again to remind one of the transitory nature of one’s back.



In an unarmed state,
the guy with the gun
is everybody’s friend.