Believe-it-or-don’t, but I know of this one place where things can even be inferior to the counterfeit.



For those of you developing a taste for data that is passionate, stimulating, even downright erotic, you might remember the following:  Info that “takes sides” is not a virgin, cannot be faithful, and will not be the nurse when you wanna play doctor, and vice versa.



“Saving for a rainy day,” may turn out to be a disappointing hobby if you move to the sun.



One of the smaller states on this world I once visited, announced that they wanted to “succeed” from their federation, (and although I pointed out that succeed was not the verb they were looking for under the circumstances, they continued to use it.)  But, back to the story; in their plans of becoming a separate sovereignty, they had already decided on their national motto, which was to be, and I quote: “It’s All According To What You Want.”



Finding some of your relatives feeling disappointed is no crime. Being surprised by such a discovery is.