Disneyland of the Mind

In times past, there were many men who unsuccessfully sought the Northwest Passage in the Southeast.



I met this one fellow who used to enjoy saying, “Hunches come in bunches, but insipidity is spread out pretty evenly.”



As suspected by a few in the 3-D worlds, the unity of all things, at least there, doesn’t exist.



Recently, while visiting a certain alternative world, I discovered a religious organization I had never before heard of, and spent a little time with its leader, who told me that their afterlife pay-off consisted of all the dead finding themselves in this ever-moving line, which leads to a desk where sat an other-worldly executive who decided whether you would stop there and dwell eternally in their Disneyland Of The Mind, or whether you had to keep on going and join the other unfortunate souls as they aimlessly wandered about the Infinite Plains Of Boredom.  While we were talking, I ascertained that this new religion had no bible, and no particular teachings, or commandments, so I asked the leader on what basis was the decision made regarding each man’s ultimate fate, and he said that once you got close enough to the judgment desk to hear and be heard, the bureaucratic angel would declare, “Those still talkin’, keep on walkin’.”



One guy used to write down whatever came to his mind.  He never told people he just made it up.  Nobody seemed to care.  What difference did it make anyway – it was just stuff that came to his mind.