In a more complex world, apparent differences can overlap to form a new singularity, which is more than the mere combination of the differences.



If a man sexually enamored of his own hand is whimsically, if not pejoratively, labeled an unappreciated solo artist, what shall we call one so likewise attracted to his own brain?



I was privy to a new lesson in conservation when I met this fellow who, rather than just throwing them away or forgetting them, would go on and use thoughts he’d had that even he didn’t like.



Over in this other locale, which, by the by, doesn’t have mirrors and law makers must wear garter belts, half of the populace has the motto, “What you did was all you could do.”  (God bless ‘em.)



I heard one guy attempt to explain his rather dull, stay-at-home life style, by saying that in his younger days he did travel, and move about a lot, almost as if in search of something, but he has now realized that it was himself that he had been looking for all along – so there.  (Are we to buy this guy’s story, or what?)