Gossip, Etcetera

Once you grasp that everything is at least an incidental comment on something else, you can begin to see energy as gossip.



In some spaces, those who say, “etcetera,” must be able to prove etcetera.


Over near the forward sector of that one galaxy, this one dude wrote, and I quote, “The intellect of man is like a sluice gate on an imaginary river connecting in-here to out-there.”  (It’s so darn comforting to quote others.)


In the future, everyone will be lighter.  (…and:  Information and experience will weigh less also.)


In this one realm, where some still discuss matters political, one somewhat rabid guy cried out, “To hell with the oppressed, and to hell with the oppressors!” and if you know where to insert the proper synonyms, there is a message here regarding the status of all extremes.