Air Conditioning for the Mind

Super-serial-justice-is-still-persuasive, example number forty-seven:

In a near-distant, unnoted conflict, one side sealed and secured themselves behind a barricade and defiantly proclaimed their position and intransigence by declaring, “This will mark our stand, and ‘tis here we are prepared to die.”  And the other side thought, “Well, how simply perfect, for ‘tis there we’re equally prepared to kill you.” (And they all lived ever afterward – sort of.)


There was this one guy, at this one time, in this one place, (all the details of which I shall not dignify by describing), who, after having some exposure to the type of information inherent in activities such as This, wrapped it up to his satisfaction by the following comment:  “It’s air conditioning for the mind.”


This one guy I met wanted me to present the following question to the proper authorities, and pertinent parties I might encounter along my merry way, so here comes his poser.  Now, you kids stand back away from the radio.  Okay, here it is, he asks:  “If certain info does not appear to be ‘user friendly,’ are we to conclude the fault lies with the data, or the potential customer?”


One guy, on a certain one-guy-journey, came to yet another fucking bend-in-the-road and suddenly thought to himself, “Hey, I don’t need most of this shit.”  And one of his brother’s voices slapped him on the forehead and said, “My good man, you can’t think things like that!”  And he slapped himself back and said, “That’s the very kind of shit I was talking about.”


Portion of a conversation overheard somewhere,
First Voice:  “Garbage doesn’t smell.”
Second One:  “You’re crazy, it always stinks.”
First again:  “No, I mean it has no sense of smell so as to detect the presence of garbage.”
Second voice:  “Huh? I don’t get the point.”
First voice:  “Well, let me try it this way:  “The simplistic don’t smell.” 
 “Forget it.”