Team Sport Thursday

On this one planet, one of their more interesting customs is that when one creature has offended another and in seeking forgiveness asks, “What might I possibly do to make amends for my transgression?” the aggrieved party responds, “Gimme seven thousand dollars.”


Part of a dialogue overheard in the transient sector:

“Every man was a child before he was a man.”  “So what?”  “So what?  My good man, do you realize that a comment such as, ‘So What?’ is a sure sign of lower class breeding, or else of rabies?”   I couldn’t hear much after this, what with all the growling and gun shots.


I heard of this one galaxy where celebrities were paid to endorse reality.


In a lot of places people will tell you almost anything to either get you to listen to them, or else, to leave them alone.


One pallid looking laddy said he wanted to go where “talking is a team sport.”