The motto of this one planet was, “Put everything back like you found it,” while another was, “Rearrange all the arrangements you find,” and a third world has as its, “Don’t pay any attention to those other mottos.”



One fellow had as his sole, morning prayer, “Oh god, don’t let me whine.”



Some phenomena produces its own side effects that serve to inhibit communication between those who experienced the phenome and those who want to study it.



One voice said, “Our need for meaning is fulfilled by our membership in the human race.”  And a second voice looked at the first for awhile, pondered the matter and said, “But were it not for my forced participation in this clumsy contest, I would have no need for meaning.”  And as the two sat silently considering all of this, a third voice said, “Wait a moment,” and they both turned, and looked intently at the new voice as it likewise gazed deeply in their direction.  And they inquiringly responded by saying, “Yes?”  And the third one said, “What time is it?”



This one fellow strode right up to one universe, surveyed it widely, smiled and announced, “Life is bustin’ out all over.”