Query:    Is there a difference between “non-verbal” and “silent”?

Answer:  It’s according to where you are.



All Real Explorers are carriers of a noxious bacteria which men usually spread wherever they go.  It is called by so many names that I cannot list them all.  Let me simply refer to it as “blank.”  Now, you fill in the blank with your name.



One well meaning guy (I just said that, I don’t know whether he was well meaning or not, but anyway) this one guy, in this one part of this one galaxy, said to some ears around him, “I’ve got so much to tell you, I can’t do it all right now.  In fact, it’s so much, I can’t even tell you later.  Tell you what, it’s so much that I just won’t tell you at all."



One guy said that what made animals so cute is that they don’t have a brain so as to pretend they could ever be other than they are.  And another guy chewed on this for a bit, and said, “Yeah, but humans having a brain and believing they can so change, is what makes them so cuddly.”



After hearing an expert mention the number of cells in the average human brain, one guy looked suspiciously at his own head and shouted, “I want a recount!”