Meanwhile, Backstage,

Indubitable Fact Of The Day:

Small mines
small pay loads.

Ah hum, pardon me, but are you saying “mines,” m-i-n-e-s, like in “gold mines,” or m-i-n-d-s “minds?”  Right!



Upon hearing repeated references to people “talking to themselves,” one high blown chap thought with some disbelief, and even more disdain, “My dear Aunt Eloise, what would I ever have to say to my inferiors?”



the same old
boring gossip
rolls on.



First voice:  “There’s a difference between talking smart, and being smart.”

And his brother replied, “Maybe, but not much.”

And the first voice said, “Yeah, but there’s still some difference right?”

And the brother stood silently, squinting one eye and scratching his chin, ‘til the first voice again insisted, “Right?”  And the brother said, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking!”



If you actually “did it,” no excuse or explanation is necessary.