An Inseam View

Native creatures trying to tell other natives to change behavior native to them is not unlike a person telling a territorialy aggressive yard dog to “Take Sundays off.”



The multifaceted dramas of the true explorer are not peopled with ordinary heroes or routine villains, but are filled with, and are lived by, the men, women, ideas and forces that actually play out our several scenes and speak our sundry lines.



In this one zone I visited, one chap referred to activity such as This as, “An Inside View Of The Inseam Of Life’s Trousers.”


In this one place I visited where they kept such accounts, I read in their book of “World Records,” a transcript of their “shortest interview,” which went as follows:  The interviewer says, “We have with us today Mr. So-and-So, whose unusual ideas are now being widely discussed and debated.  Welcome, Mr. So-and-So.”  “Hello,” he replied, and the interviewer continues, “Well, first, before we actually get into your most provocative ideas, will you tell us something of your background?”  “No,” he replies, and the interviewer says, “Thank you, Sir, and that concludes this interview.”  (And oh, when I relayed this story to an Earthling, he said that that planet might actually someday amount to something if they would also get rid of television, radio, daydreams, nightmares and hair styling.  I was afraid to ask about his background.)



Even those who dance with themselves, must still pay a portion of the cover charge.