Good Advice for a Tuesday

After a particularly stimulating reading interlude, one lad gazed into the semi-depths of space and mused, “Wow, it would have been great to actually be alive during the time of Coleridge, Wordsworth and Tennyson.”  And the voice of Lord Alfred replied, “Aye, my boy, looking back on it now, I think the same thing.”



There was this one star I once sojourned, where even I did not long tarry, when I discovered that all of their fairy tales and heroic myths concerned people from marvelous kingdoms who undertook the most strenuous adventures so as to travel to quite plain and ordinary places.



I relate this to you as usual, with no editorial comment intended.  A so-called “hero” of one constellation had as his motto as follows:  “Fuck bittersweet.”  And really, the people loved him.



When asked
his age one
guy would say,
“I’m part thirteen.”



Really “good advice” is not stuff you gotta do, but good stuff to know about.