Mid-Week Potato Salad

The dreams potatoes have of heroes only come in two flavors…those of super potatoes, and those of any other vegetable but potatoes.  (Although this obviously has no mortal pertinence, I do find it a quaint bit of tuber trivia.)


One guy explained that, in his attempt to “get his way,” he would oftimes act as though he were going to die.  And a friend opined that that wouldn’t really get you anywhere.  And the guy asked, “You mean dying, or acting like you’re gonna die?”  (You’re not waiting on an answer are you?)


Piece of an unfinished dialogue:

“Don’t look for morals where none exist.”
“And where might that be?”
(Let me interrupt here and note two possible responses to the question.
One is:  “You figure it out,” and the other is:  “Everywhere.”  And now, back to our news.)


There was this partially refurbished chap, who used to begin many of his comments by saying, “I probably shouldn’t be telling you this…”  And then one day, for absolutely no accountable reason, he seemed to have taken his own advice.



Just as evening was putting out the gin and looking for the olives, one dry chap intoned, “You know, there are some parts of life I enjoy, and some I don’t.”  And from the shadows a voice replied, “You know, Life says the same about you.”