In the Land of Irony...

In camp, one rebel told a younger one, “Once you know what you’re doing out here, all tricks just become tricks.”



In the Land of Irony,
there is no irony.



In trying to pinpoint and chart his own intellectual universe, this one fellow says he’s experiencing difficulties not dissimilar to those presently facing astronomers regarding the question of dark matter.



Even while still fearing what he thought of as the “Ultimate Pay-Back,” this one chap went through life frequently singing the opening lines of the song, “I’ll Be Seeing You In Apple Blossom Time,” and then, as irony would have it – he went blind during kumquat season.



Another man who says he’s “Ah – read The News a couple of times” writes to warn others that he – yes, “He personally, himself” – while spending many strenuous years seeking the transcendental meaning of life, accidentally stumbled on some very disturbing ideas regarding sex; he says he can only hope that his own personal experiences can serve as a lesson to others.  (Say, as long as you’re here and human, let me ask you something:  If I say that some readers’ letters are so complete within themselves that they need no smart-aleck-after-comment from me, is such an observation itself a smart-ass comment?)