Up Until Now

Those who think
it's further
from here to there –
or vice versa –
have never been
to either.



Sometimes, after a particularly hard day, or, when he’d had “one too many,” this one god would turn on his little creatures and say, “You still don’t get it, do you?” which is a pretty cheap shot, inasmuch as “not getting’ it” is one of the irreplaceable ingredients of little creatures.



One guy says that
up until now...



Hearing from a traveling minstrel’s song the line that said, “Fiction reveals the evolution of a people’s soul and spirit,” and operating on the honored royal assumption that almost anything could be true, one king decreed a ban on the writing of all novels and short stories by any subject who ran the slightest risk of ever developing a soul or spirit.



To the civilized man,
mere acts would be
too direct and abrupt
to be of real interest.



Once a day has begun on a world of finite dimensions, even the gods can’t say where the Dow Jones will land, or what will be the five o’clock temperature in Khartoum.  This says naught about the intelligence of the gods, but fills your ears with evidence of life.