Let's Pretend

And yet another certain god, once sent word to his followers that until further notice they should all call him “Shit Breath.”  One of his creatures said, “I guess this is so he can see how much humility he has.” And the big guy shot back, “Not hardly, it’s to see how much nerve you’ve got.”



In the world as normally lived around here, there are two kinds of change:  Abrupt and meaningless.



In an attempt to give the kid some encouragement regarding change in a world not so readily agreeable to same, the ole man told him, “Son, just remember this:  If you stop doing something, then you can make fun of those who still do it.”  (He figured the lad would recognize real opportunity when he saw it.)



The Summer Park Festival in on reality begins this year with a hand-shadow puppet play, “Never Bad-Mouth A Word,” and the season is scheduled to conclude with that newly commissioned ballet, “’Tis Easy Enough To Burn-Your-Bridges-Behind You When You’re A Pyrotechnical Lexicologist.”  (Although a nom de guerre is used, the two works have a common author.)



The better
you can pretend,
the better
you can pretend
to be sincere.