The Difference

The word "happiness" is not in a shark’s vocabulary (since he doesn’t have one meaning UN-happy.)



One bright spring morning, he leapt from the tree and declared how his fascination with himself was limited only by his hat size and inseam length.



There are a couple of ways you can look at any apparent difference between entertainment and serious instruction:  One is that of the smiles they may produce – one tends to be external and the other, otherwise.  Another difference is that there is no difference.



Whenever this one chap knew he was about to have a real good idea, he’d put it off until he could enjoy it better.



In different eras, men who seemed to know something special were thought to be divinely inspired, while at other times, they were labeled insane.  The simplest way to avoid such categorization is not to let people know you might know something out of the ordinary; with most men, this is not hard to do.