Why Don't You Trade in Your Dog?

A chap down the way, says he found a note slipped under his back door that said: “Why don’t you trade in your dog for a furry creature who climbs trees and doesn’t sleep so much?”  (He says it was “signed” with a tiny paw print.)



Bemoaned one philosopher, “It is indeed difficult to have the proper impact while alive.”



Down near the city stadium, lives a man who can’t seem to get the difference straight between mottos and tattoos (boy, does his tongue stay sore.)



The Letters To The Editor section of the city paper recently carried a communiqué from a man who points out that all of the most comprehensive histories have been written in the last few years, and he wants to know, “Doesn’t that give you even the slightest little hint?”



This one god
used to control rain,
until he lost a bet
and they traded positions.