Faced with a growing number of political philosophers and social critics, this one king said, “Hey, people who need words to live by don’t need to live by me,” and he furiously turned on all his neural advisors, shouting, “Get ‘em outta here—get ‘em away from me!”



One man wants to know, “Is the purpose of thinking to bring the world up to the level of the mind, or vice versa?”  (And Captain Irony noted:  The wager for the day is:  In what generation, in what dimension, will a mind appear that will want to know, “Why can’t I ask a question that doesn’t have a vice versa?”)



If experience is really the name-of-the-game, then how do you explain god getting to the position he’s in?



A man (who lists most impressive credentials) writes to say that, if I am interested, he is prepared to undertake the task of offering interested viewers “annotations, explanations and commentaries” on the Daily News items.  He says he’s quite willing to undertake this project, but says there’s not enough money in the universe to make him succeed at it.



There was this one guy who certain folks thought, “knew special stuff,” and one late afternoon he told some of them, “There are a lot of people in the world who know what’s going on, but those who do, and who care, don’t know what’s going on.”  (Later that evening, this guy’s partner also tried to tell some of these same folks that it’s not that other people can’t understand This Kinda Stuff, it’s that they don’t want to.)



One guy declared, “My best years and thoughts are behind me.”  And his behind turned to look back and said, “Oh dear god, let there be something else behind me.”