Instead of disposing of his garbage the same as his neighbors, this one guy threw all his garbage out behind a shed in his backyard, but he, having his own personal fix on how life operates, assures us that it’s not as bad as it might seem, since, he further assures us, the shed itself is only used to store garbage.



in a finite reality,
the most ridiculous sight
is a finite mind
having a serious thought.



The king called together all his neuronical subjects and announced, “Due to the glaring lack of interest in me, everyone’s future has been cancelled."



According to one peoples’ legend, the “beginning of the end” was heralded by the discovery of synonyms.  (After this pithy bit, no more was heard from them.  Could we have several moments of historical silence while we repeat and ponder this to ourselves.)



Some who have never been anywhere say, “Yeah, and I don’t wanna go either.”  Some will say this is only sour grapes; some will be correct, some not.