From over near By-The-Bye comes a note from a chap who says that one of his secrets is to not think about ANYTHING – in particular – unless you really, really have to.



In his early days, hanging around the rebel camp, one man was greatly taken by the idea that you can never tell what a revolutionist is going to say next, and ‘twas not ‘til some years later that he realized this was directly connected to how a subversive would actually think.



As long as any fact
can only be true
at the expense
of another one –
there’s no end to this.



One “god” (note that I put the word in quotation marks, and told him I planned to do so, and he said I could do anything I “damn well pleased” in this regard) – so anyway, this one (quotation marks) “god” says he’s (quote) “plenty peeved” and “pretty sick of people trying to look at him through telescopes.”



Then there was this guy who quit complaining, but when he realized it didn’t matter, he got so mad he stopped.



That guy from a few items back just contacted me again to say that since his earlier communiqué, he now realizes that the very best secret would be in not telling anyone what you secret is.