The Hopper

This one guy says he’s really, really convinced that if he ever grows up, it’s gonna make him sick as a dog.



While under the weather (and an attractive Norwegian spruce), he said that if he ever allowed his own thinking to carry a business card, it would read simply, “Ubiquity Is My Business.”



On this one planet, they used to kick around ideas like they were soccer balls, while on an adjoining world, they'd treat soccer balls as the equals of ideas.  In the history of such areas, one group assumed domination over the other; later, this arrangement was reversed; then at another time, it was turned about again…and thus the game goes on.



Around the house, this one fellow kept a hopper of ideas, and just to keep it interesting and confusing he always called it a “hopper.”



While in a snuff (a combination snit and huff), one guy cried out to life, “Hey, don’t do me any favors!”  (Life seemed to oblige.)