One Starry Night

There’s a certain nexus
twixt speech and reality
appreciated by none
but the Revolutionist.



A guy declared, “I’m not going to do something simply because of biological urges.”  And a passing Revolutionist was so-o-o staggered as he tried to contemplate the alternatives, he fell into the foyer of a post-modern skyscraper.



Those of the City who take advice from their peers, certainly NEED it…deserve it…will get it, and no doubt pass it on.



One starry night, I heard a Revolutionist tell some of His Troopers, “I realize that most of you believe I have no interest in what you do personally, but hey, I got hardly no interest in what I do personally.”



If you’re convinced you have something to prove, trust me, it’s already proven and probably obvious to all but you.