And the partners conversed yet again,
First voice, “Hey, you can’t HAVE it both ways.”
Second voice, “If you’re normal, you mean?”



One guy, out in ye ole City Park, by way of encouraging the spiritual philosophy he was touting, would periodically yell out, “Submit, submit…give in!”  And sometimes, when his half-sister was there, she’d chime in, “You’ll like it, I did.”



A rhyme-a-day and
Those on crusades
have had their days
(but I’m not one of them.)



Just so’s all my usual talk about the City doesn’t get you down, let me tell you ‘bout this dude I met last time in a small room.  He calls his best pair of dress-up socks “Ray & Earl” (although he did add that these are just nicknames and not their real ones.)



Any guy that’ll
step right up
and tell you what
kinda guy he is
ain’t much of a guy…
or is “QUITE A GUY”.