Near the city’s Treasury Building, a fellow on the sidewalk said, “If men had to fight for ideas in the same way they used to fight for good, those neural diet centers would be out of business soon enough.”



Okay, here’s version number Jeeze-I-Lost-Track-And-Don’t-Remember-Which:

One guy used to read books, until he realized how dumb they were.  (Some years or weeks later, in a sudden flash of inspiration or indigestion, this same gentleman said, “If, I say, if books aren’t as limited and constricted as I claim, why are they bound between covers!?!”)



At a class reunion, this one god gave his erstwhile chums an unintended laugh when he said his greatest achievement, thus far, had been a “personal revision of the Revenge Theory.”



As per some dimensional mathematics: There can be no legitimacy within il-legitimacy…(but this is only if existence itself counts for naught.)



Just to himself
(real private like),
this one guy put
everything he said
in quotation marks.