Verbs and Nouns

There is
an unrecognized tyranny
to uncertainty.



When the combination between the knower and the knowledge is just right, Revolutionist data can work not unlike a psychedelic drug, forging new neural connections, except these are not transitory.



All deals
are big deals
to little dealers.



Are there really any nouns?  For instance, in a sentence/idea such as, “Men (noun) run (verb).”  Does “run" actually exist outside of a noun doing it?  Does “run” exist when no one is there to do it?  Are all verbs just nouns alive and nouns just verbs in potential?  To a Revolutionist, these areas would be of interest in regards to the mind’s mutual captivity, its perceptions, and not merely on a linguistic basis.



Said one sad case in the City, “I survive by apologies alone.”