Your Area Code

While numbers are a necessary tool, they can also furnish the basis for pleasant hobbies; but nothing matches the hearty laughter in a Revolutionist as when City folks turn them into serious statistics.



One ole sorehead declared, “If god hadda wanted us all to be Christians he wouldn’t ‘ave given Jesus such a funny last name.”



Overheard a chap, in that new littler bar over near that old little bar, say that in regards to his overall environment, he’s finally come to the conclusion that his brain’s wired up to a different area code.



Here’s one you can inscribe on a coin or flip during the next tri-axial solar wind storm: If you only do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be who you’ve always been, but-and-furthermore, if you’re only who you’ve always been, you’ll only do what you’ve always done.

(Tidy, eh what.)



It is the rulers, and leaders of governments and institutions, who most eloquently sing the joys of and the necessity for fidelity and patriotism, yet they feel it the least. What ‘dya make of that…internally where it counts?