Planning Your Future (Holiday Edition)

Only the defeated—and, oh yeah, the simplistic, that’s it – only the defeated and the simplistic must remember the war, and hold a grudge.  (“Maybe,” cried out one little voice, “But that still doesn’t address the problem of man’s internal battles with himself.”  Now you see, that’s why I call such little voices little – as in simplistic.)



Just before going to sleep each night, one guy would tell god that if he had anything he planned to send him, to please have it delivered before 8:30 a.m., "or wait until the next regular business day – please.”



your future
is not the same
as having a future.



To a Revolutionist’s ear, all talk is hyperbole.  (…and added:  Oh yeah, and cute too.)



When seen from a foreign perspective, each person is the actual boundaries and limits of their own information.  (P.S.:  When viewed up-close, the situation is oftimes reversed.)