The Secret



Homegrown intelligence usually seems pretty insignificant, (except to those you-know-who’s).



This one ole dude used to like to say, (least wise I hope he liked to say it, seeing as how he used to say it so much), but anyhow, he used to like to say, “Having an eye for beauty don’t mean you are one.”  And he’d generally have a hearty chuckle while folks would uneasily ponder what he’d said.  Then one day, right after saying this, he thought to himself, “Instead of saying this about beauty, what if I said it about intelligence – would that mean anything?”  After pondering his own idea for a bit, he said, “Naw,” then pondered a few more meters and added, “Gawd, I hope not.”



For every traversable track that info lays down in the sensual world, it also cuts a phantom one nearby – sometimes running parallel, sometimes not.



Those who
discover the secret
then only have
one secret.