Droll Explosion

Is it possible that obvious information, for which the old intellect cannot account or satisfactorily analyze, might offer unrecognized tips to neural explorers?  (And…perhaps a more residential version of this query might come in handy for the do-it-your-selfer, so how ‘bout this:  On more complex orbits, might controlled irrationality be evidence of one’s sane nationality?  Might the non-seriatim lay the tracks for the straight-away?)



If you learn something extraordinary, and then don’t become extraordinary, you’ll lose it.



This one little fellow, who was accused by his cohorts of being bland, shallow and intellectually inert, finally produced a come-back by one day announcing, “If god had wanted me to have opinions, he wouldn’t have given me some.”  And his brother was damn near killed by the resulting “droll explosion.”



Every-o-now-and-then the revolution seems to come up with a jerry-rigged PR attempt, although, no one much seems to notice it and we all seem no worse for the try.



Over near that long wave galaxy, this one being, who sometimes shows specific signs of sagacity, has taken to saying to some of his closer associates the following, “The past is finished, done for, all washed up – now’s the time to forget it.”