This one chap, often immodestly pleased with his own ideas, would say that his thought processes were “singular in their intensity,” and not at all unlike “earthquakes.”  And his brother noted that they were, furthermore, unique in that they had no epicenter.



That which is objective to man, is subjective to Life, and that which is subjective to man, is subjective to Life.  Are there any further questions?



In a small bistro over on that eating planet, I overheard a fellow note that he had spent so much time with himself recently, that he felt he could now safely say.



Don’t fret over the question of, “Are we our brother’s keeper?” but rest assured we are his fellow conspirator.



The North Wind said, “Talking to others is not unlike talking to yourself.”  And the South Wind replied, “Yet, talking to yourself is a form of talking to others.”  Then, said the East Breeze, “Where does that leave a non-talker?”