The Last Word

One fine day, Life’s half brother was idling at the back door, watching some planetary progeny at play, when he suddenly shouted out at them, “Hey, kids' games are for kids and this ain’t no kids' game!”  Now feeling much better, and having no idea why he’d done it, he went on about his business.



Being last
in line
at least
gives you
the last word.



One dude, whilst sitting around with himself having a brewski or twoski,  and thinking up a small storm, suddenly said, “If I could do willfully some of the things I do accidentally, I’ll be quite a dude.”  And his drinking-buddy-self replied, “You thought that up all on your own, now did you?”  And his first part then thought, “Other than the greasy sarcasm and tie rod just thrown, this is a good example of what I was talking about – almost.”



A certain educated general with a beard, after making an insightful sounding comment on the philosophical nature of facial hair and martial music, had the voice of his better half whisper something in his ear.  And the general said, “Why do you insist on calling that voice my ‘better half’?”



He arose as tall as possible and declared as intellectually as possible, “I regret, I regret, I say, that I have but one mind to give to the cause!”  And the cause muttered, “Thank you sweet Jesus.”