Round One

One guy put it this way:
“No matter where I look,
no matter what I see,
more and more it
becomes just a reflection
of my involvement with ‘This’. 
…So little time,
so much to think about.”



Being the ordinary worker in Life’s mortal enterprise is experiencing the “freedom of adventure” without the adventure – and without the freedom, for that matter.



A real revolutionist may continue to operate, even with a broken thermostat, or with a wayward compass.



If you understand that all of man’s singularities, his soul, his spirit and consciousness, are all intellectual, and if you understand that all of the intellect is in the brain, and if you understand that the brain is all chemical, then, by gawd, you’ve about got Round One rounded up.



“Hey look,” he said, “This is important.  If you knew something really amazing, and then forgot it, does it still count for something, that you did once know it?  Well does it?”  And his other half said, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking.”