In some certain distant battles, the generals with the most medals and biggest umlauts get the biggest bullets.



Continual-thinking-when-you-don’t-have-to does have the downside of tending to interfere with the specious comfort of all First Stories.



Having a blow-out
at ninety miles an hour
is no problem.

Wearing your good suit
at the time, however,
could prove awkward.



Whilst visiting that star over there that I’ve mentioned before, I found the following neatly printed on a water closet wall:  “Ordinary philosophy is the attempt to wipe your ass in a snow storm.  Ordinary philosophy is the attempt to wet your whistle in a desert, and ordinary thinking is the attempt to become more athletic by studying baseball stats.”



A musician said, “I played for a bit in the Count Basie band.”  And a by-standing listener asked, “What did the Count think of your playing?”  And the voice replied, “Oh, this was some time after the Count’s death.”  And the listening voice mused, “Is there any possible way I can use this in living my life?”