The One Question

This new ole-sorehead spat out his opinion that, and here we faithfully quote, “Most people’s thinking operations have about the same significance as low cholesterol cyanide.”


There is a little known band of transient radicals in a certain polyglot, who have as their verbal vexilum the following:  “There is only the one question – ‘What is the desired result?’”


One near-by thinker-chap recently said, “It has become my opinion that real revolutionists do not do re-writes.”  And his equally near-by brother replied, “That would explain why much of what they say sounds so un-re-written, all right.”


The stainless-steel-question-of-the-day:
If space is to matter
as time is to energy,
then would space
be filled with nouns
and time with verbs?


You may believe-it-or-don’t, but it is the most common ills that require radical treatments.