The Great Light Bulb Wars

Anything thought of by man, if not immediately useful for you, will be later, and is already for someone else.



A shout from out the crowd came, “Okay, alright…okay…then tell me this: if women are not to blame for all this, then just by god, who is?”



All of man’s ideas, activities, and institutions are organic, sentient and electric.



What ordinary men call irony, is actually mislabeled resistance.



Over in that little near world, (of which I’m already suspicious), above the bar in a certain saloon hangs this sign:  “If We Can’t Joyfully Feed Stuff To Our Brains, To Make Us Once Again, Raging Beasts, What’s The Use Of Even Living In The City.”  (Very suspicious indeed…by the by, you ever notice, by now how some things are so true they seem silly, and some things are so silly they seem true?)



Never forget “The Great Light Bulb Wars.”