Snake in the Grass

Everyone’s partner is a snake-in-the-grass, and you are the grass.



To be militantly opposed to something, is to be just as threatened, if not captured, as are your opposition.



The sound of a guy who inadvertently almost knew what he was talking about:

Quote:  “Listen, I don’t care about nothin’, except what I care about.”

(On some soft, sultry, summer afternoonies, don’t you long for the halcyon days of cerebral horse shows back when closeness counted?)



Two guys on the bench, one turns to the other and says, “Hey, you tell me your troubles, then I’ll tell you your troubles.”



I hear tell of a fellow who, after a full realization of the nature of his inner dialogue, later got so peeved that he wouldn’t even talk to himself.



You know you’ve gotten somewhere, when you’ve reached such a point that you couldn’t look back if you wanted to.