Your Ole Bad Noun Self

Does a perceptive man ask his purse, or his wants, what he should buy?



You could also look upon the Revolution in a musical fashion; not unlike the progression from tonal to polytonal to atonal, with the apparent loss of a stable aural center, and comforting key…



Another definition of a true City conservative would be: A Man who returns a paper weight, because it came with no instructions.



Speaking of singing, there was this other Revolutionist I used to spot sometimes who, when he thought no one was watching, would do this little James Brown step, and holler out this one same line, “Go on with your ole, bad, noun self…”



Although Life allows many Men to dream and rhapsodize about rebellion, it would only be his gods that could actually become Revolutionists, (and of course, a few defrocked thinkers and disbarred artists, who hang out around the Olympus Bushes).



Just about the time I think I’ve heard it all, some City dude comes up with a new one, (and don’t you just love it), and the latest is from a certain psychiatrist who has developed what he calls, “Grouper Therapy,” wherein the psychologically uncomfortable sit in a circle and fondle fish.