Plans vs. Schemes

One semi-fine morning, the King stood up tall and proclaimed, “We must fight, and prepare to fight, our present northern neighbors, as our eternal mortal enemy…until something better comes along.”



No matter what dilettantes, followers, or even the troops may think, the Real Revolutionist KNOWS that the Rebellion is something to DO, not something to believe in.



Ordinary consciousness is the Great Divider, separating the subject from the object, and apparently dividing the knower from what he knows.



Although they never seem to take any particular note of it in the City, I find that all low-level, would-be rebellions and play-act revolutions spend most of their time involved with their ostensible leader discussing the relationship between him and his followers, and since you ask, I’ll tell you why:  He is absolutely fascinated with the affair in that he has no idea how it works, and fears it may cease at any minute.



While the Government “plans,” the Revolutionist “schemes.”



Another thing I LOVE about the City and its little city-ites, is that they seem to find uncertainty and imprecision quite acceptable.  Just recently on a placard on the front of the prestigious symphony hall, announcing the premier performance of a new work by a well known composer, the work was entitled, “Concerto For 4, or 5 Horns, I Forget Which.”