Win Some, Lose Some

There was, at an earlier juncture, a rather squat Revolutionist who reputedly told some of his enlistees that it was safe for them to just “assume that anyone who apparently knows more than you is enemy.”  (Weird, but quotable.)



While he may appear obstinate and single-minded, when it gets right down to the nitty and the gritty, and the ferocious funk, the Real Revolutionist is capable of splitting almost endless differences, since he understands all differences to be the same.



A Real Revolutionist is the sort of side-winder who, after ringing himself up, might suddenly hang up in mid-sentence.



The Revolutionist soon learns that most of the People can be kept unkempt, unfed, and unloved so long as they receive periodic inspiring proclamations from the Ruling Powers.  (Necessary Re-joiner #84:  This has absolutely no inner application to anyone, praise be to Caesar, etc.)



The enlistee must be made to realize that it is NOT simply whether you “win or lose”… it’s not simply ANYTHING.



In our religious corner, I have this tidbit I wanted to pass along, the name of this little priest I met, who will surely go places, “Father Along.”  (I know I should apologize; I guess it’s hanging about in the City for too long.)