Vices & Virtues

After a not particularly hard day in the Bush, one Revolutionist told some of his enlistees, “This is quite sticky to first see, but I assure you, you cannot be made a captive of another unless you are already a slave to you own illusion of you.”



Tis’ said that the “noble lion does not stalk mice,” nor “the mighty eagle hunt baloney,” but all this shows is the great distance such brutes must cover to ever reach the level of man.



Still another guy, out near the bushes who I assume was involved in some non-routine affairs, told a group of listeners, “If it’s of any significance, it can be told in 3 minutes.”  (I’m just telling you what I heard.)



The only “vices” to which the ordinary do not succumb are those they don’t consider vices.  And the only “virtues” they can imagine are those they can never hold.  (Is justice “on a roll,” or what?”)



Be pregnant, or make pregnant.



Beware, the arm pits of the mind.