He knows little who can tell you all he knows.

He knows even less who WILL tell you all he knows.



So-called “greed” is little more than the City exuberance, an extension of Man’s genetic drive to be a collector.



Although much of his esteem seems now faded, I would like to revive the name of a certain City-wide Trojan philosopher for the sake of this, a most memorable quote.  From the pen of Ephilibus:  “Of several humors of power, some are in our control, some are not.  Under our control are our thoughts, our spoken words, and the will to get laid.”



One of the several glittering bourgeois traits of the People is their belief that thinking and talking about something exciting, dangerous, and revolutionary is almost the same as actually doing it.  (This might surprise you, but sometimes I almost envy those suckers – I said, almost.)



Would one be worthy of the name “Revolutionist,” who would act differently in a palace than in the bushes?