Sparks & Storms

Advice for a Friday: Don’t let chemical sparks turn into electrical storms.



In the sense that, what Men tell themselves is the most important information they receive, we could then say there are two known worlds to Man: his world of reality, and his world of verbal reality.  Thus, things may exist, or they may VERBALLY exist.

P.S.:  I just had a curious notion give me a glancing blow:  What if verbal-reality equals the true, and tacit reality equals the correct.

P.P.S:  I guess a “glancing blow” could turn into a “dancing blow.”



In the City, some biologists now say they believe that “Human evolution works by threats, not promises,” and that “Change comes about because of the increasing conditions.”  May I again pick the pickle-brain-pockets of the City and add a version of this for us:  The Revolution works by threats, not promises, and it comes about because of the increasing inadequacies, etc., etc., etc.



Although you truly gotta have the general population, the unruly crowds, and the mobs-of-the-majority, do remember that it is always a minority that “causes” history to happen.  (Sometimes it even seems like just one person, but I don’t want to go into that just now.)



Since no one, and I mean NO ONE, (including you), likes a reformer, you might just as well go whole-hog and shoot for actual “change.”  (In the long run, I mean, in the fast-lane, it doesn’t cost any more.)